Timely chronicles from the team


Timely chronicles from the team

Our Home in Bulacan: GK Enchanted Farm

First Harvest hails from GK Enchanted Farm – an expanse that used to be a barren quarry land, now paving the way for Philippines to be the Social Enterprise capital.

GK Enchanted Farm is a Farm Village University – creating a template for successful farming communities. With 36 hectares of land, and growing, several agricultural industries are being incubated in it. Some of the industries include poultry and eggs, cattle, crops, herbs, vermiculture, mushroom, garments, stuff toys, and food processing.

Believe it; lettuce grows in GK Enchanted Farm!

Believe it. Lettuce grows in GK Enchanted Farm!

First Harvest works mostly with the community beneficiaries of the farm as partners in the business. Our team of mothers are talented in creating concoctions made through traditional recipies. Since we work with heirloom recipes taught from one generation to the next, we use of homemade recipes whose ingredients are nothing but the real goodness.

With the generous land resource, crops and produce can be turned into high quality food products that are made with ingredients which have reached their peak of nutrition.

Rows and rows of fresh Chilis can be harvested.

In 2014, GK Enchanted Farm partnered with Department of Agriculture, and this cooperative labor has opened up the gateways of growing new crops, fruits, and vegetables through farming technology and experties. Recently, we were able to launch Spicy Honey Garlic, which uses of fresh chilis harvested right at the farm. Spicy Honey Garlic is sure to garnish ordinary meals and make them extra appetizing!

GK Enchanted Farm is the first farming community where a blueprint for a sustainable farming community is being made, and will be replicated nationwide. The Enchanted Farm team aims to establish at least 25 farming communities spread out through the Philippines in 10 years. Who knows, the next one can be in your province? Why not go back to your homeland?

First Harvest partners with GK Enchanted Farm so that in the future, we can all enjoy proudly-Pinoy food products which are made only of real ingredients that are both flavorful and nutritious. For each First Harvest product you buy, an investment is made to upgrade our production facility. First Harvest participates in empowering the community partners by giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents, whilst also providing a sustainable source of income.

Do you have special requests for food products? Is there a way you would like to participate in this movement to end poverty? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below, or email us at inquire@firstharvest.ph.

Visit us at GK Enchanted Farm at California Street, Angat, Bulacan. Schedule a trip, and even stay overnight by emailing info@gkenchantedfarm.com.