First Harvest Team shares stories that educate and entertain


First Harvest Team shares stories that educate and entertain

Living THE Life: What It Means To Be Living the Good Life

At this day and age, there are a lot of options on how to live your life. From food to your daily exercise and to the environment you’re living, the abundance of these options is so overwhelming that it’s sometimes difficult to choose or stick to just one.

But let us break it down for you. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed. Living the good life is being exposed to a lot of different things but once you’ve gotten the basics down and know what’s best to keep in your lifestyle, everything else will follow naturally.



Living the good life means living it with a fit mind and body. A healthy exercise can do wonders to the way you go about your day. Your joints move easier, you no longer get tired easily and you’re more proactive when it comes to doing your work. Incorporating an enjoyable workout or sport regularly, one that has you looking forward to it rather than think of it as a chore can get your muscles and your body working happily.

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Sleep is the best way you can thank yourself and it helps you keep up with your activities. The best lifestyle is one that isn’t lacking in the number of hours of sleep. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night can help you concentrate better in school or at the office. It eliminates being sluggish and keeps you away from stress. If you can find it within the day to take short naps as well, then by all means, get some. Remember, your body is your friend and sleep is a wonderful gift you can give.

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Surrounding yourself in a positive atmosphere can make each day a refreshing experience. Stress comes in the form of negative thoughts and a gloomy environment so it’s best to keep away from them. Create deeper relationships with positive people, and spend more time with them. Having fun conversations with friends and co-workers promotes a healthy and positive atmosphere. Gather your family once a week for a simple meal. Life will turn out to be more enjoyable the more you’re surrounded by the things you find happiness from and the people you love.



A healthy diet will always be the best way to live the good life. Eating a well balanced meal is something you’ve probably heard a few times. But it’s the universal truth that treating yourself to a balanced diet with lots fruits and vegetables, meats, protein and healthy carbohydrates are the way to go provided that everything is in moderation, of course.

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Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the things you love. But when you get to try out and follow a fixed nutrition-filled diet plan, you’ll come to find that the things you were actually missing out weren’t even the right stuff your body needed. There are a lot of healthy alternatives you can try out these days that doesn’t compromise your taste buds. For instance, you can introduce First Harvest’s products into your diet. It has natural ingredients made fresh from the farm and a healthier choice when it comes to choosing spreads and sauces.

All in all, living the good life simply means living a healthy life. Your body is a vessel to enjoy what life brings so take good care of your body first and everything else will naturally follow.