Timely chronicles from the team


Timely chronicles from the team

#CaringComesFirst: Giving Twice the Love in Every Jar

Mark Lawrence Cruz, Gawad Kalinga’s head for new initiatives shared an anecdote from a trip to a public school for Gawad Kalinga’s nourishment program, Kusina ng Kalinga:

One of the students passed out in the morning, and was sent to the clinic. When he regained consciousness and was feeling better, they asked the child what happened.

“Thursday po kasi ngayon, tuwing Thursday po kasi, sa pamilya namin, ako yung hindi kakain.”

“It’s Thursday today. …on Thurdays, it is my turn in the family to not eat.”

This is how real and felt hunger is, and this may be unknown to many of us. This very story is also a testament to how a simple meal can transform lives.

An adage goes, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for the rest of his life.” Yet it cannot be denied that hunger is a real, and felt symptom of poverty. For us to create a holistic resolution to poverty, we believe that we have to first remove its every day painful clutch on the marginalized.

There are about 15M Filipino children who face the threat of not realizing their full potential – not growing to be as tall, as healthy, nor as bright as they can be – because they are suffering from hunger today as they grow up. – Kusina ng Kalinga

Coupled with efforts on education, Kusina ng Kalinga (KnK) is a grassroots solution to help end poverty. It is a sustained nourishment program initiated mostly in public schools. With six kitchens operating in different regions in the Philippines, KnK serves thousands of nutritionally-balanced meals every day.

Nourishing and Balanced Meals from Kusina ng Kalinga

KnK goes beyond the ordinary feeding programs – it is a sustained effort. Children are weighed in before the program commences, and their BMI is continually measured to check improvements.

Aside from the obvious, KnK is an effort to build stronger communities. The ingredients used everyday are sourced from local farmers, thus increasing the demand for staple vegetables and securing them more income. Also, with the same amount of care that parents will give their children, the meals are lovingly prepared by community partners. This way, we empower the whole family. This way, the whole community is involved in the solution, and the impact is felt deeply beyond just meals.

Kusina ng Kalinga invites everyone to participate. With just 15 pesos, you can sponsor a meal of a child. Visit http://gk1world.com/kusinangkalinga to learn more about this program.




First Harvest is invested in nutrition and quality life for all. We are one in KnK’s mission of ending hunger, and we are inviting you to participate in this mission. Last October 16, First Harvest launched the campaign, #CaringComesFirst.

Peanut Spread

For every sale of Peanut Spread, our bestseller, we will be sponsoring a meal of a marginalized child, through Kusina ng Kalinga.

This Christmas season, we can all pitch in the solution. Every time you give First Harvest as a gift, not only do you share the love to your friends and family, but you also support Philippine rural communities, and this time, we all can also give a marginalized child the same care in the form of a nourishing meal this Christmas. Through your help, we can reach our target of raising funds for 10,000 meals by March 2016.

Human Nature has proactively given support in this program, by carrying half the cost of a meal with every jar sold through its outlets. Together with other Social Enterprise brands like Bayani Brew, Theo & Philo, Pili & Pino, and Trese, selected products sold will also donate funds through this program!

First Harvest products may be availed through the following outlets:


If you would like to join the movement, you may visit Kusina ng Kalinga’s official page, or contact us so that we can connect you with them.


We’d love to hear from you. Contact us through the following:

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  • Email: inquire@firstharvest.ph