Timely chronicles from the team


Timely chronicles from the team

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Poisonous Fake Rice

Rice is a staple part of Filipino diet. It is only natural for the average consumer to be scared of indiscriminately purchasing fake rice – besides, we are not experts in this field. Pictures have also shown that they look too closely alike, that it would be hard to tell. So here are our easy tips you can do to avoid fake rice.

1. Buy branded prepacked rice.

These rice products are usually sealed separately, per 5 kilograms. Since companies who pack and distribute these products can be traced and be held accountable if they sell fake, these brands do due quality assurance, and observe due diligence in checking their suppliers. Many brands of these rice are imported, but there are also local ones you can spot.

2. Look for Philippine produce.

Inspect the rice, and check where the source is. There are rice products which are specifically labelled “Proudly made in the Philippines” and you would be happy to know that not only are you safe from the poisonous kind, but you are also helping the local agriculture industry.

3. Go for the healthier varieties.

While it may not be an obvious solution, it might be a good time to try the other rice varieties – why not try black, brown, or red rice? Current forged variety are usually the white ones, since they are mainstream and consumed more regularly.

Though these alternative rice varieties are a little more expensive, they are everyday investments in health that can make you save in the long run. Black rice, dubbed as the healthiest rice, is packed with antioxidants that can help fight heart diseases. Brown rice and red rice are rich in dietary fibers, and can help lower cholesterol. Both of these varieties are lower in carbohydrates compared to white rice.

Seems pretty easy, right? The great thing is we also help our Filipino farmers when we choose to patronize local produce.

Source: Livestrong.com