First Harvest

Homemade. Homegrown.

First Harvest

Homemade. Homegrown.

First Harvest is a proudly-Filipino brand, that uses choice ingredients to whip up healthy and delicious food products. It was founded in November 2013 as a social enterprise aiming to bring back quality of life through homemade products. It employs partners from GK Enchanted Farm, and aims to enrich agricultural industries.


To us, good food always means two things – they are delicious, they are nutritious.

We use real ingredients and no extenders. Whenever possible, only natural preservatives are used in our products.

We aim to give mothers a healthy alternative to feed their families. By using only real ingredients, we ensure that our food is not only delicious and flavorful, but they also satisfy and nourish.


First Harvest is proudly Pinoy.

We aim to increase the quality of agricultural produce to come up with globally competitive products that are at par, or even better than imported brands.

We source our ingredients from local farms and markets, to partake in countryside economic development. We empower the socially disadvantaged by giving them employment opportunities.

Business with conscience.Business with purpose.


What a delight it would be if Philippines would have several profitable farming communities!

First Harvest invests its food production, right in the farming communities. Through research and development, crude agricultural produce are turned into high quality products.

GK Enchanted Farm is first in this endeavour, where a replicable template is being tested. Ten years down the road, First Harvest envisions twenty farm-based tollers in different regions in the country.